State Airports: Tinubu Seeks Senate Approval to Take Over and Refund Bills for Construction.


President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has written a letter to the senate requesting it to consider and grant concurrent approval to refund a total of 24.6 billion Naira to enable the takeover of some airports constructed by Kebbi and Nasarawa state governments.

In the letter read by the president of the senate, Godswill Akpabio at plenary, president Tinubu requested the establishment of a promissory notes program to the tune of 15 billion naira to the Kebbi state government and also 9 billion naira to the Nasarawa state government.

The letter further revealed that the takeover, approved in July 2022 by the Muhammadu Buhari administration, includes the Lafia cargo airport in Nasarawa state and sir Ahmadu Bello international airport in Birnin-Kebbi, Kebbi state.

The president explained that the federal government had taken over the control and ownership of the two airports, which necessitated a refund to the state governments, noting that aviation, including airports, the safety of aircraft, and the carriage of passengers and goods by air, are owned and managed by the Federal government as per the second schedule of the 1999 constitution, as amended.

The letter reads: “Establishment of promissory notes program in favor of Kebbi and Nasarawa State governments for the reimbursement of the respective cost of construction of newly built airports in those states which have been taken over by the federal government.

“The Senate is invited to note that at the Executive Council meeting of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) held on the 23rd day of May 2023, the following approvals were made:

A promissory note in the sum of N9.5 billion only to be issued to Nasarawa State government as a refund for the takeover of the newly constructed Nasarawa Airport.

A promissory note in the sum of N15.1 billion only to be issued to the Kebbi state government as a refund for the takeover of Birnin Kebbi International Airport.

“The Senate may wish to note that aviation, including airports, safety of aircraft and carriage of passengers and goods by air, fall under the exclusive legislative list as prescribed in paragraph two above.”

The senate has referred the matter to the committee on local and foreign debts, which is expected to review and report back to the senate.


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