October 22, 2021


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Why you should own a KIA K5

The K5 luxury sedan since its launch in Nigeria has continued to wow and create head-turning experiences to people across the country.

Its wide acceptance and awe are a testament to Kia’s commitment to design, quality, and the ownership experience and shows that the brand’s dedicated philosophy of building forward-thinking sporty sedans is resonating with customers and car enthusiasts.

K5’s aesthetically beautiful exterior and fresh new look are cited as reasons the premium mid-size sedan remains appealing to all. The eye-catching design, among other technologically innovative features, puts it atop the premium mid-size sedan segment in Nigeria and across the globe.

The impressive number of test drives K5 continues to reel in proves that the premium sedan holds an important place in a crossover-dominated market and has created a niche in the Nigeria market,” said Olawale Jimoh, Marketing Manager, Kia Nigeria.

Customers’ experience after taking the new K5 for a spin, proved that they are impressed with its unique style, well-organised interior, premium materials, sporty driving manners, and outstanding safety technology.

“The K5 offers the best blend of features and fun on a budget, making it the best option for car buyers. K5 has continued to give enthusiasts something to lust over at an affordable price point as it offers the best blend of features and fun on a budget, making it the preferred option for car buyers in the country,” added Olawale.

Assistant Vice President, Sales, Kia Nigeria, Debanja Paul, said, “Kia has a longstanding commitment to innovation, quality and driver satisfaction, and we’re honored that the Nigerian market and car owners appreciate these values in our vehicles.”