October 22, 2021


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Why Xploit Comedy skits went viral — Lazarus Chibugo

Leader of comedy group, Xploit Comedy, Lazarus Emmanuel Chibugo, has revealed that the skits of the group have gone viral in several countries on the African continent because some celebrities shared them.

The group, comprising four young men, Brizy, Chizzy, Lankz, and Lenzi, is one of comedy entities ruling social media.

Brizy (real name Lazarus Emmanuel Chibugo) who is also known as Xploit Comedy recently affirmed that the group’s dream of a tour is still very much alive.

“There was and there’s still a lot of plans for 2020. One of our major plans for the year is to embark on a tour, which can still be achieved regardless,” he affirmed.

Chibugo, a native of Njaba Imo State and graduate of Imo State University, dropped a hint on what inspired him to become a comedian: “Looking back, I’d say a whole bunch of things inspired me, but then the idea of putting a smile on the faces of people became my drive, my passion. Now, I can’t do without acting comedy.”

Members of the group who met in their church’s drama department and on campus of Imo State University, created the group Xploit Comedy to pursue professional careers in the art of making people laugh. So far, they have made a success of their chosen career, according to the leader of the group.

On how they became social media phenomenon, Lazarus Emmanuel Chibugo said, “a lot of people who found our skits very funny reposted the skits and by doing that, we garnered a lot of fan base. A lot of popular Instagram pages including KRAKS TV, Funny African Page, Rillimillz and Yabaleft regularly repost our skits.”

Continuing Lazarus Emmanuel Chibugo said, “Similarly, celebrities like Don Jazzy, Olamide, and AY, repost some of our works and that helped to boost our fan base because we tapped from their fan base as they reposted our works.”

On gaining international fame, Lazarus Emmanuel Chibugo, said, “One of our skits went viral in several African countries like Tanzania and Uganda. In fact, one of the biggest Instagram pages in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya uploaded the skits on their pages and that expanded our fan base.”

“On Instagram, our largest fan base is still Nigeria, but on our Facebook page, we have a diverse fan base, from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Italy, Germany, Dubai and USA”.