October 17, 2021


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‘Why cooperatives excluded from housing scheme’

The National Cooperative Financing Agency of Nigeria (CFAN) has said members of cooperative societies were unable to access the low-cost housing schemes of the federal government because they have not pushed their interest to the handling government agency.

Executive Secretary of CFAN and President, Abuja Cooperative Federation, Emmanuel Atama, disclosed this at a briefing ahead of the 2021 International Day of Cooperatives ceremony in Abuja on Saturday.

Atama stated that the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) could not provide affordable housing for anybody or organization who doesn’t show interest and commitment.

He said, “Since 2010, cooperatives have been working together with FMBN to provide access to housing for our members. I do know that if you go to FMBN today, they are neck-deep into provision of housing through cooperatives.

“Then, coming to how cooperatives can access it, first of all, the cooperatives must show interest. If the cooperatives don’t show interest, they cannot sit in their cocoons and then expect FMBN working with us to go and deliver houses to them.”