October 26, 2021


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‘We must provide leadership to drive entertainment’

Music Star and Content Creator, Bello Omobolaji Sherrifdeen, has said leadership in the entertainment sector can provide a ladder for artistes to depend on.

Omobolaji, who took to his Instagram page @disbizagain, asked senior artistes to give direction to the upcoming ones so they can have direction.

There are people who do not know their left from right, all they do is either do comedy skits, or solo songs.

“If we have a viable leadership in the entertainment sector, people won’t stray in to the industry as witnessed,” he said.

“Every artiste has his own brand of song, and anyone who is interested, should be mentored by an A-list artiste.

“The Entertainment industry is a larger one, although we’re making progress, we wish to see more of our young Artists break into the big stage too.”