November 28, 2021


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Twitter ban: Digital platforms are here to stay – Sam Onigbanjo

In view of the recent ban of Twitter in Nigeria, Nigeria’s top Digital Marketer and Capital Market Trading expert, Sam Onigbanjo, has described digital platforms as mainstays in contemporary society.

He disclosed this on a live interview on Friday, where he noted that the answer to stabilising Nigeria as a sovereign nation will not be solved by running backwards as digital is here to stay.

According to him, rather than ban Twitter, “we need to look inwards and invest more in understanding digital platforms and having ‘trusted’ and ‘credible’ news portals so people know where to go to get trusted information unbiased.

“Excellent case studies in the west Include BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, SKY, all these platforms are trusted by the government and the people to deliver unbiased information.

“COVID-19 is airborne, do we ban air? People commit financial crimes daily do we ban Money?”

He stated that the real challenge in Nigeria is that there were little or no unbiased news platforms.

“Nigerians and foreign observers sometimes do not know what media platform to trust, making them gullible to any news whether true or false,” he stressed.

Reacting to claims by the federal government that the platform is being used to demise the existence of Nigeria, he said “this is untrue, in fact, it has been a platform where most critical issues concerning the country have been tabled and discussed.”

He stressed that digital platforms should be embraced and that banning their use will never solve problems.

“Going forward, having an effective digital environment and presence of reliable news platforms are the answers, as once this is achieved, people will know what to believe and what to dismiss.”