October 22, 2021


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Robbers kill 4 policemen, 2 civilians in Osun

Armed robbers number about 40 on Wednesday robbed branches of Access Bank and First Bank in Ikire and Apomun towns and killed four policemen, two civilians.

Daily Trust learnt that the heavily armed robbers attacked the banks and the police stations simultaneously in coordinated attacks.

Sources said the armed robbers first targeted and killed one of the policemen who was near the police Armoured Carrier Personnel vehicle.

The armed robbers used dynamite to blow the doors of the banks and also threw dynamite into the police stations to destabilise the policemen.

The residents of Ikire said the policemen repelled the armed robbers and prevented them from gaining access into the bank.

According to a resident of Apomun, when the armed robbers were trying to escape, a police Inspector and two newly recruited police constabulary  were gunned down.