October 18, 2021


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Practising skin fasting

Skin fasting is a routine being practised by many beauty and health influencers. It is the act of reducing the number of products or treatment an individual use on his face or body. It might be as simple as removing a product from your daily skincare routine or cutting down on how often you practise a skincare routine or treatment e.g. facials. The aim of skin fasting is to allow the skin to rest and reset back to its natural properties. Oftentimes, beauty experts have mentioned that by allowing the skin to rest and heal on its own, the skin is able to moisturise and exfoliate itself.

Practicing skin fasting depends on the needs and concerns of one’s skin. As some persons might need to cut down on certain active ingredients while others may need to eliminate all skincare products or routines. When we stay away from certain skincare products, our skin is able to produce natural oils that will keep our skin soft and supple. For people who are acne-prone, it’s important for them to skin fast before finding what combination of products may work for them because skin fasting helps the skin to heal after it reacts badly to a product.  Although there are some experts who say that anyone who practises an effective skincare routine doesn’t need to skin fast as their skin may miss out on some essential ingredients that are needed for the skin to thrive. Skin fasting is also the perfect beauty routine for females who always have to apply makeup on their faces.

The skin fasting routine comes with its own do’s and don’ts, as a person who wants to carry out this practice is often advised to;

  1. Stay hydrated at all times as the skin needs to be kept hydrated inside and outside while on skin fast.
  2. Ensure to stay where the room humidity level is proper, especially for those who stay in dry or extremely cold areas.
  3. Although they’re no strict guidelines for skin fasting, it shouldn’t be done more than once a week.
  4. If undergoing any skin treatments or peel of some form, it’s advisable not to skin fast until done with treatments.

However, beauty experts have stated that for the person who is likely to try a skin fast it’s essential they continue using a cleanser and moisturizer, at the minimum, and also should always use sunscreen during the day—no matter what.