October 22, 2021


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Online entrepreneurship plus for Nigeria’s economy – Bricks to Cribs CEO

As many economies of the world are gradually recuperating from the hit of COVID-19, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bricks to Cribs & Bar (BTCBARS), Akarah Ebenezer Ulochukwu, has urged the nation to embrace online entrepreneurship to boost the nation’s economy.

He made this call during a virtual interview with journalists in Lagos over the weekend.

“Online entrepreneurship will definitely be a plus to Nigeria’s economy.

“This is because everyone can do it. It is not secluded to the elites or enlightened anymore,” he emphasised.

If this path is towed, the CEO said, it would be a soothing relief for the nation, seeing that so many youths are out of jobs, a situation orchestrated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He further implored the government to consider such new-age ventures, create more opportunities for people to learn, and enact policies that would aid people to give room for more entrepreneurs to emerge.

As the founder of the Royal Niger Green Farms foundation, Akarah described online entrepreneurship as every other kind of business opportunity.

“It is time-taking, risky, requires dedication and hard work. It is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme as some people have been made to believe,” he emphasised.

For the CEO, today’s world is different. Hence, with a new age comes a new way of doing things.

“The internet has taken over, and it’s only right that we exploit opportunities that it offers us.

“The world is now connected globally, giving you access to the other parts of the continents in just a click,” continuing that this globalisation is one of the main ingredients in this sort of entrepreneurship.

“You can buy, sell, trade, discuss, and sign deals almost immediately.”

In a swift switch, he shared an insight into BTCBARS, which is a group of companies invested in making impacts in various sectors including real estate, agriculture, entertainment, logistics, finance, and a few other industries.

With an aim to create a stable market that offers high-quality and reliable services and products, he enthused, “Our main goal is to be a pathway to financial freedom in Africa.”

Its group of companies include BTCBARS, a real estate firm; Afri D Ltd, a courier and logistics company; ZL Empire Ltd, our entertainment arm of the group; Afri Festival Ltd, African Financial Revolutionary Innovators (AFRI); and Royal Niger Green Farms, an agricultural investment firm.

“We also have ZILLYBRAIN — this is branding for my stocks business they nicknamed me the Blackwolf of Wall Street. ZEE AUTOS LTD- we do car mortgaging. ZL SOUNDS is a record label,” he highlighted.

In what he termed a wake-up call to the youth, the GMD suggested, “You should be willing to take your time, experiment, see what works for you, and everyone you choose to work with.”

According to this youth business guru, in the end, it is a transaction, and that can’t be done alone. Hence, he chipped in, “Take your time, learn, adapt, and innovate.”