October 21, 2021


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On award of Atan-Lusada-Atan in Ogun

Knowing the significant role of the Atan-Lusada-Atan road in Ogun State as an industrial destination of choice in Nigeria and the fact that this axis provides the federal and Ogun State governments huge Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), Governor Dapo Abiodun decided to do what the previous governments in the state and even the federal government could not do by putting an end to many years of hardship and misery of those plying the road on daily basis.

April 29 would remain indelible in the minds of the people of these areas. It was the day Governor Abiodun turned the sod, signalling the commencement of the reconstruction of the 19Km Atan-Lusada-Atan road.

A good road network contributes to economic development and growth which bring important social benefits to the people. Road infrastructure is one of the most important of all public assets because apart from the easy movement of people from one place to another, it also helps in moving raw materials to factories and goods from point of production to the final consumers.

Despite its essentiality, a good road network has continued to remain a mirage in Nigeria. From Sokoto to Calabar, Maiduguri to Lagos, the major complaints of Nigerians, is the issue of bad roads. The deplorable condition of roads in the country makes an hour journey to last for four hours or more. Nowadays, apart from praying not to fall victim to kidnappers and other criminals, Nigerians spend a lot of time praying against accident as a result of bad roads.

One is happy that succour has finally come to the people and the 19km road scheduled to be completed in 19 months, would bring back smile on the faces of the people and the economic activities in this axis would come back fully soon.

Elijah Udofia, Laderin Estate, Abeokuta, Ogun State