November 28, 2021


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Notore to produce 500,000MT fertiliser

Notore Chemical Industries Plc, an agro-allied company, has said its target is to produce 500,000 metric tonnes (MT) of fertiliser once it completes its Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) programme.

In its unaudited second-quarter report ended March 31, 2021, and signed by the Group Managing Director (GMD), Ohis Ohiwerei, the management said despite setbacks by the COVID-19 pandemic, Notore was on track to deliver on its programme.

“We expect a major upturn in the plant’s reliability and production output to meet and sustain its 500,000MT per annum nameplate design capacity. Achieving this level of production output will not only lead to significant increases in the company’s cash flows from operations, but also substantial increases in revenues annually.”

He explained that “During the period under review, we successfully completed phase one of the Notore rice pilot programme which resulted in the production of 5,000 50kg bags of high-quality Notore Rice.”

He further said the second phase was expected to result in the production of 715MT of rice paddy.