October 22, 2021


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Nigerian entertainers earning big on YouTube

Following the growth of the Nigerian entertainment industry, entertainers have used social media to their advantage to carve a niche for themselves and make a sustainable income. Daily Trust Saturday shines the light on entertainers who are earning big from YouTube.

Mark Angel

Mark Angel is Nigeria’s most popular and richest YouTuber. He is known for his comedy skits, which feature Emmanuella, Success Madubuike etc.

His YouTube channel was the first in Africa to hit one million subscribers. And he is currently the most followed Nigerian YouTuber with 7.6 million subscribers. His comedy skits are known to be child-friendly and often hilarious.

Over time, his channel has accumulated over 60million views and earns him $16,000 monthly. Mark Angel is also estimated to have a net worth of $700,000.

Broda Shaggi

Samuel Animashaun Perry, better known as Broda Shaggi, or as he calls himself, Fine Boy Agbero, is another entertainer earning huge on YouTube.

Broda Shaggi started his YouTube channel in 2018 and has since accumulated 984,000 subscribers and over 6million views per month.

In his videos, Broda Shaggi is always playing the role of a tout (agbero) who believes he is street smart but always ends up in trouble.

Following reports, he is said to be making a whooping sum of $5,000 monthly and has a net worth of $350,000.

Nigerian entertainers earning big on YouTube



Maryam Apaokagi, popularly known as Taaooma, is a comedian and content creator.

Taaooma joined the YouTube content league in 2014, and over the years, has been able to make a good name for herself.

Her videos depict how children are often raised and trained by Nigerian parents, and oftentimes, they are very relatable and funny.

Taaooma’s channel has a total of 80,023,043 views and earns $3000 monthly from her channels. She is estimated to be worth at least $200,000.

Mr Macaroni

Debo Adebayo, or Debo, as he is popularly called in his skits, is a Nigerian comedian, social influencer and content creator. He plays the role of a sugar daddy in his skits and likes to expose the outcome of such lifestyles.

Debo joined YouTube in 2014 but rose to fame in 2018 because of his skits. He has been able to accumulate over 73,464,586 views on his channel and also has an amount of 389K subscribers.

Mr Macaroni makes at least $3,000 from his channel monthly, and as at 2020, his net worth was estimated at $220,000.


Gloria Oloruntobi, or Maraji, as her fans call her, is a popular comedian and content creator.

She joined YouTube in 2018 and has made a lot of comic videos that many Nigerians relate to in their daily lives.

Maraji has a total number of 387,000 subscribers and 41,198,639 views from videos being streamed on her channel.

Her net worth is estimated at $200,000.

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa is the owner of the YouTube channel, “Toke Moments.”

Her channel focuses on marriage and relationship issues. She is also an actor, entrepreneur and co-anchor on the Rhythm FM programme, “The Morning Drive.”

Although YouTube is not her only source of income, Toke earns millions from content posted on her channel. She is also one of the biggest Nigerian YouTubers with 100,000 subscribers and over 9,007,303 viewers.

Toke’s net worth is estimated at $390,000.


Hauwa Saidu Mohammed, or Jaruma, as she is popularly called, is an entrepreneur and founder of Jaruma Empire.

She started her YouTube channel in 2016 to educate people on the therapeutic benefits of Azanza Garckeana, also known as gorontula or African chewing gum. She also uses her channel to share her life journey and daily life experiences.

Jaruma has over 44,000 subscribers and a total of 2,782,767 views on YouTube. She is said to have a net worth of over $2,000,000, although this is not just from YouTube as she has other streams of income.