October 22, 2021


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IPMAN reverses decision to shut down filling stations

The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) on Monday reversed its earlier decision to shut down filling stations in the country following attacks on the secretariat of the group on Friday last week by the Police.

The group said no reason was given by the police on the clampdown on its secretariat.

This development, according to its national secretary, Danladi Garba Pasali, came after FG, NNPC and National Assembly intervened.

“Following our discussions with the concerned stakeholders at the national level of IPMAN, it was resolved that our members that are planning to shut down filling stations are advised to put a halt,” he said.

“A convincing step has been taken during a high-level discussion at the national Secretariat.

“In the light of that, the National Secretariat of IPMAN is urging all our members that have planned to shut down filling stations, across States and zones to put off the plan and give the discussions the benefit of a doubt,” he added.

But the planned strike had been divisive, with different sectors of the association issuing different orders.

Its president, Sanusi Fari has said the association is not planning to go on strike or shut fuel stations nationwide and said the public should dismiss any information regarding the planned strike.

The association’s National Public Relation Officer, Alhaji Yakubu Suleiman, had threatened in Abuja on Sunday that IPMAN would go on strike and shut fuel stations nationwide beginning from Tuesday because the police laid siege on its secretariat.

Suleiman alleged that some police officers laid siege on IPMAN’s National Secretariat last Friday for undisclosed reasons.

He said aggrieved IPMAN members and officials at states, zonal and depots levels, held series of meetings and threatened to shut filling stations if the issue was not properly addressed.

Similarly, the Southwest zone of IPMAN directed its members to shun the planned strike.

The Zonal Chairman IPMAN south west Dele Tajudeen urged members to stop creating unnecessary panicking over fuel scarcity as there is sufficient product in the depots.