October 18, 2021


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Instagram skit maker, Charles ‘Ironside Aghogho to make Nollywood debut

Instagram sensation, skit maker & content creator,  Charles Aghogho, popularly known as ‘Ironside’ has hinted of plan to test his popularity in Nollywood as he is currently making moves to diversify with an upcoming movie role.
Charles Aghogho aka Ironside is a content creator, businessman and philanthropist. He is also the founder of Ironside Foundation a non-profit and CEO of ‘Ironside Escrow Service PTY.
With a flourishing social media career that has seen him become one of the most popular content creators and skit makers on Instagram, Charles believes the time is ripe for him to step into Nollywood and show his versatility to his fans as well the other side of his talent people don’t see.
Speaking about his plans, the Delta state-born skit maker who is based is Capetown, South Africa said he is aware of the hurdles ahead of him and the competition he may face being a new comer, but he believes that he is ready to give it what it takes.
According to him, he has always had an acting talent which is one of the reasons why he chose content creation and skit making as a way of introducing himself, but from next year, he will fully delve into Nollywood to fulfill his dream of movie making and acting.
He said; ‘I have always known how to act, acting is one of my talents and right now with the level I have reached, I want to fully join the movie industry to show my adaptability and also boost my entertainment career.”
The entertainer who has made several video skits to the delight of his fans said life is one of his sources of inspiration.
“I have several comic skits that have gone viral, and the ups and downs of my life and the things that happen around me has been the major source of my inspiration,” he said.