November 28, 2021


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I’m richer and doing well alone, Peter Okoye

Nigerian music star, Peter Okoye, has thrown shades at his perceived haters who thought he would not survive after splitting with his twin, Paul Okoye.

He made this known via his Facebook page on Wednesday, June 23, 2020.

“Team P! What were they thinking? That I wasn’t going to survive Alone? They just can’t stand the fact that I am Richer now and doing well for myself. Pained! And this post is for them and them alone!

“Just Watch them referring this post to my family as usual! Odes! Watch them start preaching!”

Peter Okoye slam haters/Facebook

Peter urged his haters to identify themselves by commenting on his posts so his management can do the needful, block them!

“Like I said! Haters pls comment and Identify yourself on this post and my management will separate you out from my true fans. The Blocking also includes the people that liked and support the comment!

“You must not like my doings! So Feel free to unfollow and unlike this my page! Or better still identify yourself so we can Block you! Have a very good morning!”

Rumors spread that the Okoye brothers had gone their separate ways in 2015 but Peter came out to clear the air, putting everything to rest.

But by 2017, it became clear that the duo had been at loggerheads with each other.

From Instagram to Twitter, the duo ‘dragged’ each other severally giving fans and haters alike a reason to troll them in 2017.