October 22, 2021


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Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa CEO, Mimi Whyte-Femi speaks on bleaching

The Chief Executive Officer of one Nigeria’s leading skincare brands, Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa, Mimi Whyte-Femi, has highlighted the dangers inherent in the act of bleaching as well as certain mistakes associated with skincare therapy.

A 2020 report put Nigeria in the first position as the country with the highest purchasing trend with 77% of women using skin bleaching products (cream and non-cream based)

According to her, “A lot of people in general, choose to lighten their skin. A lot of international celebrities do as well. Not just Nigerian celebrities. Some people prefer to be lighter and some others prefer to be darker. It’s simply a matter of personal preference. I think we’re living in a time where we have to be more accepting and respectful of people’s choices. Whether we understand those choices or not.”

Speaking on the dangers of bleaching, she noted, “most dangers of skin lightening present themselves when people go about the process the wrong way. The choice of products is where we stand out in the industry. Our approach is focused around the natural health of your skin and how to sustain and improve your skin. Most of our products are made of natural ingredients that pose no threat to human skin. Most people you see with skin damage are probably victims of poorly mixed chemicals that irritate the natural make-up of our skin. We’re certified and well-studied. This is probably one of, if not the main reason why our clients take pride in what we do and we stand proud in how they feel.”

Talking about mistakes people make regarding use of skincare, she asserted that the business is not for everyone as many people tend to mix the skincare products, they use these days.

For Mimi Whyte-Femi, establishing Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa is a thing of passion as the seed was long planted in her. As a young woman she also suffered skin issues and thus empathizing and treating people with skin problems was a personal resolve that grew into burning desire. Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa was established officially in the year 2012.