October 26, 2021


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Having good hair is investment — Nkem Tonweh

Nigeria-born, Italy-based hair entrepreneur and beauty expert, Nkem Ngbeken Tonweh,  who is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Natty Cole Beauty Studio, has declared that having good hair is an investment.

She said this against the backdrop of the popular opinion that human hair/extensions are too expensive compared to some wigs and other types of hair in the market.

The boss at Natty Cole Beauty Studio,  which is one of the leading beauty brands in Italy asserts thus: “ Having good quality hair saves you a lot of stress and money. Having good hair is an investment. Having 2 good hair is better than having 10 less quality hair. Good hair is like a complimentary card. It represents you”.

With options from wigs, bundles, raw hair, weave-ons, she says that virgin hair remains her choice because virgin hair is an organic, unprocessed human hair from a single donor, noting that it is completely free from dyes, bleach, perms and hand washes. She said it’s usually from humans.

Explaining further she added, “For the hair extension. First it is divided by race like the Indian hair/ Peruvian hair/Brazilian/Mongolian hair/Russian hair/European hair. These last two two listed are the most expensive because they are difficult to get. Getting that you decide the quality if it’s a virgin hair/ Rémy/ double drawn and so on. Then you decide the grade like 8a/7a and so on.”

According to her, “It’s more or less like a “penny wise pound foolish” case when you can just get a virgin hair once and for all, that would last you for 5 years or more depending on how you maintain it before thinking of changing it.”

Nkem Ngbeken Tonweh  said she debuted as an entrepreneur by starting a lingerie shop, which she sold off after two years.

Her Natty Cole Beauty Studio was founded in 2014 after she had tested the terrain with Afro Hair School by Mimi which she later sold, in faraway Bergamo, Italy.

According to her, she decided to venture into the hair business when she discovered through a profound research that there was no place in Italy where all about Afro hair extensions and braids could be learnt.

For three consecutive years, 2016, 2017 and 2018 she was awarded the honour of the Most Innovative Black Woman in her region, the Lombardy region of Italy.

However, Nkem Ngbeken Tonweh’s biggest dream is to penetrate the Nigerian market.