November 28, 2021


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Group hails fire service over purchase of new trucks

A group, Save Our Democracy Ambassadors, has hailed the Federal Fire Service over the purchase of new fire trucks.

The national coordinator of the group, Mr Chukwuma Ikedi, in a statement sent to journalists on Monday, said since the inception of Dr. Ibrahim Liman, Controller Genera of Federal Fire Service, the service has taken a new and patriotic turn.

He said the actions of the CG without have been geared towards even greater positioning, as brand new fire trucks and ambulance are been distributed all over the nation.

The group also hailed the CG for setting up of strategic management and staffing policies that will enable a more effective and efficient service delivery to the Nigerian people through saving lives and properties.

“When it comes to emergency situations, he has warmed and put up measures in such a way that the fire men are always on alert and ready, no room for softness nor weakness.

“The phrase “We do not have water in our truck”, “Our truck is town”, at times of emergency fire situations have all become talks of the past with Dr. Ibrahim Liman Alhaji.

“He has indeed become the face of modern fire men Chief, it has become so obvious that it’s not only with the fact that he is doing the job efficiently but his passion for the job is evidently clear.

“He has refused to relent in making sure new and positive reforms are been put in place so as to have an efficient environment for the fire men and women.

“Indeed he has broken the records. The first CG to promote senior officers with no single trace of nepotism to the rank of their merits and dreams, the decoration was made ceremonial and took the opportunity to recognise their selflessness.

“With these kind of leaders, one can be assured of a better Nigeria. Visionary leaders with the philosophy to lead and serve.

“Our consistent prayers to God, is to give us leaders who have the interest of this nation at heart, people who will stand for the interest of the common man, a leader with compassion towards his people,” the statement read.