FG To Repatriate 20,000 Nigerians from Chad, Cameroon.


The federal government of Nigeria has announced plans to repatriate 20,000 of its citizens from Chad and Cameroon.

The federal commissioner of the national commission for refugee, migrants and internally displaced persons (NCFRMI), Tijani Ahmed, made this announcement on Tuesday at a technical working group meeting on the voluntary repatriation of Nigerian refugees in Abuja.

Ahmed said 6,000 people would be brought back from Chad while 14,000 others would be conveyed from Cameroon in the next two months.

“We are looking at 3,000 households from Chad that is about 6,000 people to be repatriated from Chad.

“In the case of Cameroon, the number we have is about 14,000 people. However, we will not force anybody to return to this country.

“Arrangements are ongoing to profile those willing to return. The time frame is within the next two months,” he said.

On cost implication, he said, we are yet to determine the cost implications for the repatriation of our people in Cameroon and Chad. We have sent a memo to that effect. By the time we get the total bill, I think the government of the federation will intervene.

“I want to tell you that the government of Nigeria will do everything possible to ensure that money is provided for this.

“They have done that before I am sure they will continue to do that. Do not forget that in 2022 about 5,000 Nigerians were repatriated from Cameroon.”

The federal commissioner said most of the refugees were displaced by the 2022 flood, the Boko-haram crisis, the farmer-herders clashes and the current climate change challenge.


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