October 26, 2021


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NiMet warns of more flight delays, cancellations over adverse weather

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has issued adverse weather alert that could cause significant flight delays and cancellations.

NiMet also said flight turbulence could increase as a result of increasing thunderstorms, microbursts, heavy rains among other adverse weather conditions.

The Director-General of NiMet, Prof Mansur Bako Matazu, disclosed this on Friday at a press briefing in Abuja on recent weather events.

He said NiMet weather radars have detected increased adverse weather events that could lead to disruptions in the atmosphere with adverse discomfort to flight operators and even the farmers.

According to him, some of the other adverse weather include; wind shear, lightening, heavy precipitation, gustiness, severe icing, and low-level wind shear.

He said the severe thunderstorms could cause accidents, incidents, flight delays, flight cancellations, death, damage to aircrafts, and severe turbulence.

Prof Matazu said the severe turbulence could cause discomforts, injury to passengers, instability, loss of aircraft control, especially very small aircraft.

He also noted that the heavy rains could lead to runway surface wetness leading to aircraft skidding, impaired horizontal visibility, hindrance to ground operations such as baggage handling, refueling, catering and so more.

The NiMet DG, therefore, advised passengers to be a bit more patient with airlines as the adverse weather could cause disruptions to flight plans.

He thus called on airlines, the pilots and even the travelers to take into account these weather events as they unfold.

He said pilots should take precautions and adhere to standard operating procedures during flight.