October 17, 2021


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Entrepreneurs seek patronage for locally made goods

A group of local entrepreneurs has called on Nigerians to patronise locally made goods to stimulate the economy.

They stated this in Abuja during a four-day exhibition of 100% Made-in-Nigeria goods and services, noting that such patronage would encourage more innovations.

Speaking on their behalf, the Executive Chairman, Business Visa & Trainings Co. Ltd and coordinator of the exhibition, Sani Garba, stressed that with patronage from Nigerians, many youths would come out of joblessness.

He said, “The presence of most of the ambassadors from different embassies and their comments were really encouraging, and we had a lot of promises from them.

“They want us to go down to their countries to showcase similar products so that we can have the opportunity to meet our counterparts in their own countries.”

He also said the ministries, especially the Ministry of Health, supported the exhibition, particularly the medicine products.

A participant, Amina Sani Junaid, explained the health benefits of finger millet, popularly called ‘Tamba’ in southern Kaduna.

“It helps people with diabetes, heart problems, BP and those with cholesterol among others,” she said.

Achi Nuajeid, another entrepreneur, said there were many advantages of farm produce in Nigeria. “When you take a product that is even better than foreign goods, Nigerians would look at it with disdain. But it is high time we started buying made in Nigeria products.”

She said her locally made ginger oil was better than 18 others she bought online from other countries.