The managing director of Westgate Technologies, Mrs. Ijeoma Ezeudu, has said that despite the economic downturn occasioned by the COVID-19 outbreak and against the backdrop of the emerging digital economy, the information technology sector remains the key to the future.

She said this recently during the opening of a Westgate retail store in Abuja.

“We have been in Abuja for the past 10 years but as a company, Westgate has been in existence for the past 16 years. We have that vision to take IT to the highest level. So, despite the pandemic, it is quite challenging but we have to keep pushing,” Ezeudu said.

Speaking on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the company, she said, “We can’t really quantify but all we know is all the SMEs have been affected. Things are picking up now. You have to be innovative because the future of the world is IT.”

She said that customers of Westgate in Nigeria now have the benefit of enjoying both online and physical shopping experience with the newly unveiled store in Abuja.

Targeted at technology-savvy clients, the shop allows customers to walk examine different range of products while buying gadgets that will improve their livelihood and services.

She said, “What you find here is unique in the sense of good prices, quality products and guarantee.

“The store will serve Nigerians across states who have bought the items from the store and will like to return it due to issues.”

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