December 2, 2021


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Crashes: Don’t fly in adverse weather, NAF pilots told

Pilots of Nigerian Air Force have been advised against flying in adverse weather conditions.

A meteorological expert and officer of the Force, Squadron Leader Babajide Olasoji, gave this advice in Abuja yesterday while delivering a lecture at Operations Safety Seminar 2021 for NAF pilots.

Olasoji, while speaking on the topic of the lecture titled ‘Severe Weather Risk Management in NAF Air Operations: Challenges and Way Forward’, examined dire consequences attached to avoidance of necessary precautions.

“As meteorologists, our roles are basically advisory, whether weather is bad or not, we issue the forecast and give everything out in the form of flight folders alongside, the same way it is being done in civil aviation.

“When the pilots look here and there, you check and ask yourself, what is along the road, what do I encounter? It is now left for you as a pilot. The final decision is for the pilot,” he said.

The Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Oladayo Amao, said the seminar was timely considering the recent unfortunate occurrences that had impugned the flight safety records of the NAF.

Amao, represented by Managing Director, Nigerian Air Force Investment Limited, Air Vice Marshal Emmanual Wonah, said: “Adverse weather is a natural phenomenon that we cannot wish away or control.

“In extreme cases, it poses very grave threats and danger to flight operations. All we can do as aviators, is to manage these “manifestations of mother nature”, for the safe and effective conduct of our flight operations.”