October 18, 2021


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Cars45, Jiji merge to boost vehicle sales

Jiji, the largest online marketplace in Africa, has signed an agreement to merge operations with leading tech-enabled automotive trading platform, Cars45.

The pact was designed to create a new and leading pan-African car buying and selling business.

Under this agreement, they will merge their operations in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya while creating Africa’s no.1 automotive marketplace for end-users, dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Jiji also has a presence in the Ugandan and Tanzanian markets.

The merger of operations, both firms believe, promises a new level of trade experience for auto buyers and sellers across the three countries.

Under the new arrangement, cars that will be traded would be certified through an over 212-point inspection process which Cars45 has expertise and experience in.

The merger would also further deepen and formalize the automotive retail process and standardize customer experience across the continent.

At the ceremony in Lagos, the CEO of Cars45, Soumobroto Ganguly said, “Merging with Jiji is aimed at creating a new kind of automotive retail experience for users in Africa.”

Investor Relations Manager, Jiji, Maxim Makarchuk, said the merger “represents Jiji’s bold step into the transactional business model and an important foundation for building the future of the company.

“The goal of the merger is to bring value to the end-users and create a one-stop solution for buying cars in the most convenient way for customers.”

Director, Africa, Jiji, Yuliy Shenfeld, said, “We want to transform the market of buying and selling of cars with Cars45, which will have to go through inspection first before being listed