Bandits Seek Peace Talks With Zamfara Governor in Viral Video.


Some yet to be identified bandits have called for a peace talk with the Zamfara state governor, Dauda Lawal, in a video posted to social media on Thursday.

In the video, a member of the group, Garba Habeeb, who claimed to be the leader, appealed for negotiation between his group and the state government.

He said “Dauda Lawal Dare, you’re the leader of Zamfara State, fear God. If you lead a peaceful Zamfara, (sic) then call all the leaders of Fulanis and all the ‘Kachallas’ (bandits’ commanders) to the negotiation table for the benefit of all, as of today, we want peace in Zamfara State. Fighting can’t bring peace in the state; if you look at the Eastern and West Africa, you will see that peace is good for me.”

“If you want peace in Zamfara as leader, call the Fulanis to a meeting, and we will tell you our demands, things we need.”

The acclaimed bandit leader also said that he plans to send messages to the military through Tukur Usman Gusau, whose warplanes, he claims, has been bombarding them.
“After that, I need to send a message to the military, Tukur Usman Gusau, because he’s the one who sends warplanes to bomb bandits,” he said.

Neither the Zamfara state government nor the military have reacted to the video.


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