October 26, 2021


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ATS Hair and boutique boss speaks on customer satsfaction

The CEO of ATS Hair and ATS Boutique,  Anne Namgbeh, said customer satisfaction remains the core focus of her business since inception of the company, nine years ago.

Speaking on how the company handles dissatisfied customers, the female entrepreneur, whose nickname, Anne ATS, has become her brand name, said that, “I start by listening to the cause of their dissatisfaction and find a way to resolve it and make them happy.

“If their dissatisfaction is to do with delay in receiving their product, I apologise gracefully and, in some cases, offer discount in their next purchase. If it has to do with size, we have a returns and exchange policy in place”

She said the need to pay premium value and attention on customers satisfaction has helped her to attain more customers and referrals.

On the risks associated with running an online shopping company like hers, Anne ATS, said that, “as an online business, the major risk involved in my work is credit card scams.

“Hackers or anybody can use a stolen credit card to make an online transaction, so I make sure my online security is very strong and tight enough to catch a doubtful transaction,” she noted.