December 2, 2021


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Anambra 2021: Those calling for my disqualification are blackmailers – Maduka

A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) aspirant in the Anambra 2021 Governorship election, Dr. Godwin Maduka, has described those calling on the party to disqualify him in the primary election as cheap blackmailers.

According to him, the party constitution does not make provision for disqualification of any person for being charitable .

A group known as Independent Leaders Forum (ILF) has accused Maduka of influencing the delegates with money to vote for him at primary election.

The group said after the meeting of ‘Forum of Aspirants’ at Chief Olisa Metuh’s residence at Nnewi on Sunday, June 6, 2021, all the PDP aspirants agreed to be giving only N3000 to delegates, but Maduka gave more.

“For the Records, Sen. Uche Ekwunife convened a meeting on Monday, June 7, 2021, and she gave the delegates the agreed amount, while Dr. Godwin Maduka invited some delegates the same day and grossly violated the agreement. If a serving Senator can keep to an Agreement reached by the Aspirants, who and what is the position of Dr. Maduka in PDP to violate the Agreement, and believe he is untouchable?” it asked

ILF said it would stop at nothing to ensure that Maduka is disqualified.

The group also accused Maduka of not possessing National Youth Service Corps NYSC certificate despite his claims of having multiple Doctorate Degrees.

According to the group, his none possession of NYSC certificate contravenes Section 221 of the Nigerian constitution and therefore he is not qualified to be governor of the state

Reacting , Maduka in a statement issued by his Director media Dr. Emezie Madu, the aspirant said
the blackmailers embarked on such puerile and empty propaganda with the hope of helping their principal make a dent in his political space by any means possible.

According to him, Dr. Godwin Maduka Foundation is a body separate and distinct from Dr. Maduka Campaign Organization,noting that the Foundation has had cause to carry out humanitarian interventions over the years, even long before Dr. Maduka nursed a political ambition.

“Dr. Maduka is not an emergency or political philanthropist. His records in the world of philanthropy are clear and unambiguous. The Foundation as part of her daily activities host visitors from all walks of life, including indigent members of the society, the sick and the aged, motherless babies, prayer groups, religious leaders and party faithful.

“In their usual character, the Foundation opened her doors to a contingent of party faithful and hosted them, giving them stipend for their transport afterwards. For this innocuous initiative by a Foundation whose core mandate is uplifting humanity through giving, the ILF which is a beneficiary of the magnanimity of the Foundation went to town with outright lies meant to malign the image of Dr. Maduka, cause disaffection against his person and derail his Campaign Organization. It is the height of crass irresponsibility and politics without principle on their part.

“Dr. Godwin Maduka has been renowned for issue based politics. His thoughts on policies and strategies of governance have been made known widely. His antecedents speak volumes of his undiminished capacity. He is not called an “iroko” for nothing. Coming from a space that is adjudged the bastion of democracy where money politics is seriously shunned, he understands clearly the implications and the dangers therein. Needless to say that despite his long sojourn abroad and impressive success level, he has maintained an impeccable and stainless records with law enforcement agencies.”