November 29, 2021


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3 die as ‘drunk’ bus driver crushes 4 in Lagos

There was pandemonium in Agege on Sunday night when a red BRT bus crushed three people to death while another victim was critically injured.

Two of the victims reportedly died on the spot while the third victim died before he was rushed to the hospital, it was learnt.

The fourth victim is said to be in a critical condition at an undisclosed hospital as at this morning.

The driver of the BRT bus was said to be heavily drunk and was over speeding on the narrow road around Alfa nla Oniwaya in the heart of Agege.

An eyewitness who related the incident to Daily Trust said it was a gory scene as skulls of two of the victims were crushed and they died instantly.

In all, two girls and one boy were feared dead in the incident.

Mob lynched the driver

It was gathered that angry residents descended on the driver and nearly killed him before the arrival of the operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) unit of the state police command who rescued him.

The mob also shattered the windscreens and the glasses of the BRT bus and even wanted to set it ablaze but they were prevented by the police.

A resident of the area, Salihu Suleiman said, “I swear it was one BRT driver who was drunk yesterday, it happened close to my house, two houses to my house, he crushed those girls and guys. The two girls died straight and the last one also died before they got to the hospital. The four people were of the same parents. Come and see human beings’ skulls on ground yesterday.

“Two people’s skulls were on ground. The driver was completely drunk. The kind of beating he got yesterday, if not for some of us, they would have killed him. They beat him with sticks and cutlasses, but the police came to rescue him.

“But I am not sure he would survive. The police came to carry him and they did not allow him to die there. All the RRS people came like in 10 vehicles to rescue him. They took him to the hospital, I’m sure they couldn’t carry him to the station because if they carry him to the station, he would die there.

“So it has happened. They wanted to burn the BRT but if they had burnt it there, it would affect other places. That was why they did not burn the BRT. But they broke all the glasses of that BRT before the police carried it a way. Na only God will save us imagine few days to Sallah, their Mama has virtually run mad.”

Blames accident on over-speeding

Another resident who spoke on the condition of anonymity blamed the accident on over-speeding and the drunkeness of the drivers.

He however said people that parked indiscriminately on both sides of the road including the Tricycle riders also contributed to it.

The eyewitness said, “The BRT was on speed on that narrow road. Those guys and the girls, they have already entered the main road and you know all this BRT, they drive recklessly.

“He was on his normal lane but he was on speed because he was over drunk. A normal person cannot be driving that way in a densely populated road with people everywhere.

“But people that parked their vehicles and Marwa (Tricycles) on the main road also contributed to this. If that did not happen, those girls would not be a little bit on the main road. And again if that BRT was not on speed, definitely he would slow down before he got to them.”

When contacted, the spokesman of the State Police Command, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi said he would find out on the incident.